Category: Room and Resource Booking

Equipment booking – the easy way

When I started working in a school we had two computers sharing one modem. When I  left the same school we had hundreds of computers, laptops, data projectors and iPads. So how do you manage all this equipment? The new version of Freeperiod allows you to easily share resources. You can book quantities of items… Read more »

School minibus booking

A number of schools use Freeperiod to book their school minibuses to ensure students get to where they need to get to safely. I worked in a school which used sheets of paper to manage booking their minibuses. Trips were often cancelled as the PE Department had once again gone off with one of the school minibuses…. Read more »

Teachers and Technicians, they love you then leave you

I had some negative feedback from Teachers and IT Technicians when I first created Freeperiod. Some commenters on the TES forums asked “Why should we pay for an online booking system to manage our school’s IT resources when our current solution is free?” Maybe a better question to ask is, “How much of my time will… Read more »