Extend the life and efficiency of your ICT resources

Schools invest a great deal of money in ICT equipment. Freeperiods helps to ensure ICT resources are being shared appropiately and helps identify issues arising.

ICT Reource Management

ICT Resource Management

Latops, Chromebooks and iPads

Use Freeperiod to share your laptops, Chromebooks and iPads. Sharing laptop trolleys is a popular feature of Freeperiod.

Quantities of Items

Freeperiod has the flexibility to share quantities of items e.g. a single laptop trolley or 10 of 20 laptops from a trolley.

Minibuses, meeting rooms and school halls

Share minibuses, meeting rooms and school halls with Freeperiod. Spaces allows you to share resources with their own timetable e.g. share your minibus using a 09:00-09:30 timetable and rooms with Period 1.

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