Helping staff back to the Labs

We have enjoyed helping staff at the School of Pharmacy at Queen’s University Belfast return to their Labs after the lockdown. We have been able to move quickly and adapt our new website Whoohaz to support social distancing and the return to work.

Labs are confined spaces and social distancing means that not as many staff can be present in the Lab during this phase of recovery. Whoohaz supports social distancing by monitoring how many people are in a Lab and gives a warning if the number of occupants exceeds the recommended limit. Staff can access Whoohaz from any device so they can see who is in a Lab from any location.

So as not to reinvent the wheel we developed Whoohaz to leverage the existing technology of QR codes. Staff scan in and out of Labs by pointing their Smartphone’s camera at a QR code at the Lab’s entrance/exit. The scan updates Whoohaz and all staff can see who is in the Lab.

Whoohaz went live at Queen’s yesterday and we quietly had hundreds of successul scans in and out of Labs. I say quietly as our team work very hard to create web based solutions that just work and focus on helping us be good stewards of our resources.