Online Room Booking Software

Freeperiod’s online room booking software is now used in the private sector as well as education.

Over the last ten years Freeperiod’s online room booking software has been used by primary and post-primary schools to help manage the rapid growth of IT resources. We have also delivered a bespoke version of our software to a local university. This university uses Freeperiod to manage rooms and resources in their UK and China campuses.

We were also happy to recently spin off a sister project of Freeperiod called Getbooking. Getbooking enables businesses outside of the education system to use our online room booking software. For example, Ritz Music in London use Getbooking to manage their very busy calendar of music lessons.

If you need online room booking software and are outside of the world of education drop us an email. We are always happy to discuss solutions.



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