Online Room Booking System

Every school should have a good online room booking system such as Freeperiod.

Ten years ago when I introduced Freeperiod I met with a small amount of resistance from some teaching staff. The grumblers tended to fall into two categories. The first group believed the good old ring binder in the staff room met all their requirements. Dispatching students to the staffroom for room availability was good for the student’s health.  The second group were the spreadsheet lovers. They created beautiful tables hidden somewhere on the school network. If only staff would leave their lovely sheets alone.

Ironically I recollect that the same individuals who seen no need for an online room booking system went on to become the biggest advocates of Freeperiod. I remember one occasion when there was a problem with the School’s Internet and Freeperiod was unavailable. “How can I work in these conditions”, one of the ex-grumblers said.

If your school does not have an online room booking system then either you are not managing your resources well or some poor individual is doing a lot of manual work. Give Freeperiod a try.



4 things you wouldn’t expect students to do to your computer equipment

I worked as an IT Network Manager in a school before I created the Freeperiod room booking system. I loved my job and took good care of my equipment. Here are some of the, let’s call them non-technical issues, I had to deal with.

  • Students putting Wotsits in my floppy disk drives (all in one piece, quite impressive).
  • Students snapping the gear belt of CD/DVD drives so the tray wouldn’t open.
  • Students rearranging the keys on the keyboards (I won’t mention some of the words spelt during this activity).
  • Students stealing balls from the computer mice (I had to glue them down. the opening that is, not the mice).

Have you had to deal with any ‘non-technical’ issues?