One way school governors can help their school share IT resources

Schools have invested a lot of money in IT hardware. Here is one way a school governor can support the use of IT in their school.

As a school governor you may be surprised to find that school’s find it hard to share IT rooms and resources. Although schools have timetables they often don’t have a means of sharing resources which are not timetabled. Historically timetable systems have been teacher and student focused. The world has changed however and we now have classrooms with teachers, students and thousands of pounds worth of IT equipment.

You can help by making sure your school has an online room booking system like Freeperiod. I created Freeperiod to address this very problem in the school I worked. I also went on to become a governor of the same school. I’m confident Freeperiod will make life easier for the staff and students in your school.

4 things you wouldn’t expect students to do to your computer equipment

I worked as an IT Network Manager in a school before I created the Freeperiod room booking system. I loved my job and took good care of my equipment. Here are some of the, let’s call them non-technical issues, I had to deal with.

  • Students putting Wotsits in my floppy disk drives (all in one piece, quite impressive).
  • Students snapping the gear belt of CD/DVD drives so the tray wouldn’t open.
  • Students rearranging the keys on the keyboards (I won’t mention some of the words spelt during this activity).
  • Students stealing balls from the computer mice (I had to glue them down. the opening that is, not the mice).

Have you had to deal with any ‘non-technical’ issues?

Teachers and Technicians, they love you then leave you

I had some negative feedback from Teachers and IT Technicians when I first created Freeperiod. Some commenters on the TES forums asked “Why should we pay for an online booking system to manage our school’s IT resources when our current solution is free?” Maybe a better question to ask is, “How much of my time will this free solution take up and can my school manage the solution if I leave? Continue reading