The Best Room Booking System

I believe Freeperiod is the best room booking system for schools but then again I am a little biased.

I created Freeperiod after working in a post-primary school for thirteen years.  Here are my thoughts on the questions you should ask when considering a room booking system;

  1. Teaching staff are busy, is the system easy to use?
  2. Is the system easy to administrate? Will the school be stuck if the person who set up the system leaves?
  3. How much work is required by the school with regards to annual timetable changes?
  4. Can we use the system to book equipment, laptops, meeting rooms, minibuses and other resources as well as classrooms?
  5. Is the room booking system designed by educationalists or by a business with no working history in education?

You can contact me at if you want to discuss any of these questions.