One simple way to improve your school’s ICT Strategy

When I worked in education my school were kind enough to send me to the Bett Show.  My attendance at Bett had a massive impact on my school’s IT Strategy.

While at the Bett Show I attended a seminar about the BECTA ICT Award. I came back to school and told the ICT Strategy Group about this new award and we decided to apply. The application process helped us to understand our current good practices and identify some of our shortcomings.

We went on to become one of the first schools in Northern Ireland to receive the award. The real win for the school was the process we had gone through and the positive changes we had implemented as a result.

I have attended Bett as both a visitor and an exhibitor of Freeperiod. I would wholeheartedly recommend that you send one of your teachers or technicians to this annual event. It may just breathe a little life into your school’s IT Strategy.