Are your school iPads in the cupboard?

In the UK schools have invested a great deal of money in iPads.  Are these iPads being put to good use or have they been put in the cupboard alongside the Raspberry Pis?

When working in education I observed the feel good factor of buying new IT equipment. If your school had lots of IT equipment then it must be really good at IT. It is true you can see a school’s value of technology being demonstrated by their investment. It is also true that the same technology can be put aside after the initial wave of excitement.

Schools using Freeperiod can measure their investment in iPads. I just checked with one of our Freeperiod schools and a sample report shows they have shared one of their iPad trolleys forty seven times in the last four weeks. This seems pretty good in my book. Are you able to measure how effectively your school iPads with the same degree of detail?



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