Is blogging a waste of time?

I recently asked the question in a forum, “Is blogging a waste of time?” I was gobsmacked by the number of responses I received. My wife pointed out that the responses were probably from bloggers. Here are the some of the recurring themes which came up in support of blogging.

Be good

  • Help people.
  • Give good advice.
  • Solve problems.
  • Be interesting.
  • Be Regular.

Work hard

  • Good content is hard work.
  • Research can take days.
  • Be a reader and a writer.
  • Get good backlinks.
  • Enyoy writing.

Blogging for business

  • Find the right audience.
  • Help users better use your product.
  • Consider producing high qulaity articles instead.
  • Use long tail keywords such as, “What is a good APR?”
  • Consider paying for writing.


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