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We create Apps, Integrated Systems and Websites for education

When you create a successful IT solution such as Freeperiod you start to get calls, "we have this problem, can you help us solve it?" Is there an problem we can help you solve? Let us know!

Freeperiod creates iOS and Android Apps

Freeperiod has a track record of creating native Apps for the iOS and Android platforms. Does you school, college or university need an app to connect with students or or solve a particular problem?

Freeperiod creates Integrated Solutions

Freeperiod created a bespoke booking system for Amey Enterprises. This enabled the public to book state of the art facilities in five new schools built by Amey. Online payments were an integral part of the booking process.

Freeperiod created a solution for Queen's University, Belfast. The School of Pharmacy were forward thinking and already shared lecture details online with students. Freeperiod created a website to streamline the process of data input, saving a lot of time for busy staff.

Freeperiod creates Websites

Freeperiod created the website for Glengormley Integrated Primary School. The website includes a custom management system to allow staff to update the website. The school's website has proven to be a great tool in promoting the school as the school has grown over the years.